OncoDnv Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is that in the near future every tumour will be systematically sequenced so as to get a molecular view of the genetic modifications in the tumour and hence provide personalised treatment. OncoDNA is the first company in Europe to provide personalised medicine in oncology based on the analysis of patient tumour DNA. Given the fact that this technological revolution will have a great effect on human health, OncoDNA's mission is to become Europe's top company providing medical innovations based on new technologies to the first potential market for this type of innovation, oncology


OncoDNA, founded by a team of experts with many years' experience in DNA sequencing and diagnostic analyses in oncology, benefits from over 60 years' expertise in medical diagnostics. One founder shareholder is Bio.be, a company owned by the Institute of Pathology and Genetics (IPG), the Belgian leader in genetic and pathological analyses, with a patient group coming from half the francophone hospitals in the country. The other shareholders are captains of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, in particular, Jean Stéphenne, former president of GSK Biologicals (now GSK Vaccines), and François Blondel, former CEO of IBt, a leading brachytherapy company. The CEO of OncoDNA is Jean-Pol Detiffe, former CEO of DNAVision, a DNA sequencing company.